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RCCC 2016 Monster Battle Time!

We had so much fun at the Oni Press Monster Battle Time panel at Emerald City Comic Con – that we couldn’t miss the one held at Rose City! We were once again welcomed to the panel by Oni Press. They have graciously allowed us to cover this panel again. If you’re unfamiliar with the panel you can check out our coverage of the ECCC panel.












The panel goes as such: the moderator (Robin Herrera of Oni Press) hands out numbered tickets; the kids with the numbers she calls come up and describe a monster for the panelists to draw. Unlike ECCC, there were only 3 panelists; so instead of teams, they were on their own to draw their monsters.



Vinny, Dj, and Cat












At this particular panel there were 3 panelists: DJ Kirkland (of the upcoming Black Mage), Vinny Navarrete (Booger Beard, Sketch Monsters), and Cat Farris (Emily the Strange, Last Diplomats). All three artists were a delight to watch, they all have such unique styles that you were never quite sure who the winner would be.

















Having been to an earlier panel featuring DJ and also interviewing him for OotF, I was aware of his love for anime which very much crept into his art. Cat has a lovely and cute style with a slight edginess, which you could imagine since she works on Emily the Strange; some of her monsters being so cute you almost want to cry (or maybe that was just me). While Vinny’s expertise of drawing the monsters of Sketch Monsters was put to good use – his thick lines and unique marker usage stood out.


Now, as before, I’m not going to give you a play by play of the panel for a couple reasons:

  1. It would be a little bit boring to read, let’s be real.
  2. You should TOTALLY just go to one of these panels at your local comic con and experience it for yourself! These panel’s rely entirely on participation from the audience and it makes it such a blast to attend.

This is a family friendly event which is great since many comic companies tend to forget about their younger fans and cater only to the older crowd. But Oni has done a great thing here in giving the younger crowd a safe place to have fun and interact with pros. Perhaps this will even inspire some of them to be the comic pros of the future!

These creative kids described all sorts of creatures from a tentacled, spiney, undead monster to an aquatic creature with tusks a pig nose and one eye to one with black hair, glasses, four eyes and shoes (the child who described this one was very taken with how Vinny had drawn shoes on the previous monster).


Many of the winning monsters weren’t the ones I expected – but I suppose that goes to show the difference between me and a child. The child who describes the monster then gets to pick the winner and keep that picture. The rest of the drawings are put in a pile and at the end of the panel the other children can come up and pick one to take home with them. I didn’t take one because I’m a good person but let me tell you, Vinny’s swamp creature sure was tempting…

We’d like to thank Oni Press once again for allowing us to cover their wonderful panel!

See you at the  next one!

article by: Kelly Okler

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