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Graveyard Shakes

Written and Illustrated by: Laura Terry
Published by: Scholastic
Description from Scholastic:
Katia and Victoria are sisters and scholarship students at a private boarding school. While Victoria tries to fit in, Katia is unapologetic about her quirks, even though their classmates tease her. After a big fight, Katia runs away from school. And when Victoria goes looking for her, she accidentally tumbles into the underworld of a nearby graveyard. It’s inhabited by ghosts and a man named Nikola, who’s preparing a sinister spell that’s missing one key ingredient. Victoria teams up with adorable Little Ghost and Nikola’s kindhearted son, and together they search for Katia — who is in danger of becoming Nikola’s next victim!

Genre: Horror, Young Adult
Themes: Death, School Life, Bullying
Age Range: 7+


  • Deals with death, so children sensitive to that may be shaken up.

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Alison’s Thoughts:
A cute spooky story about finding yourself and loving the people around you for who they are. Friendships like Casper the Friendly Ghost that will tug at your heartstrings but at the same time will make you feel warm and fuzzing inside.


*Our mission with Pages for all Ages is to help Librarians and Teachers get comics and graphic novels to children. If you’re wondering why we include warnings and notes it’s because our experience working in a comic shop has shown us all sorts of different people. Not everyone likes the same things and some people are more sensitive to certain topics than others. Because of this, we try to include anything that could be an issue with either parents or their children. We want the right books to get to the right people!


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