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224: The Dark and Bloody

Moonshine and Monsters

From Comixology:
Iris Gentry thought the worst was over. A veteran of the Iraq war, he returned home shaken and psychologically scarred, but with body and spirit intact.
A dry county in rural Kentucky, however, isn’t an easy place to make a living. To provide for his loved ones, he’s fallen back on an old family tradition: moonshine.
Breaking the local liquor laws isn’t what’s keeping Iris awake at night, though. Something very bad happened in Iraq-something that not even the strongest white lightning can erase from his memory.
As soldiers, Iris and his squad sowed the wind. Now, the whirlwind has come for them-and, as always, the innocent and guilty alike will suffer in the reaping.

Hosts: Alison Poppy, Kelly Okler and Andrew Chard
Edited and Produced by Andrew Chard

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