Emerald City Comic Con 2016: Oni Press Monster Battle Time!

We here at Out of the Fridge were invited by Oni Press to cover their all ages panel entitled “Monster Battle Time” at Emerald City Comic Con 2016. I was only passingly aware of the panel before attending it this year. We were originally contacted by Greg Smith, (a friend whose Oni book Junior Braves of the Apocalypse has been featured on our sister podcast Pages for all Ages) to cover the panel. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love monsters so the idea of describing a monster to an artist and seeing it come to life really appealed to me. However, this is also a panel aimed toward younger audiences so I knew I wouldn’t get to describe a monster, as that should be left to the children. I try to think of the children. But honestly, I love events that include children and that parents can take their families to. Sometimes I think the comics industry forgets about its young fans so it’s very nice to see a comic publisher put on an event like this.


Robin Herrera

The panel was moderated by Oni editor Robin Herrera and consisted of three teams of artists featuring: Megan Levens (Madame Frankenstein), Corin “Rin” Howell (The Mighty Zodiac), Rashad Doucet (Alabaster Shadows), Zach Lehner (Junior Braves of the Apocalypse), “Vinny” Navarrete (Sketch Monsters), and Jake Myler (Orphan Blade).  The artists were divided into three teams: Rashad and Zach, Megan and Jake, Corin and Vinny.


Alison is QUITE excited

The panel worked as such: Robin handed out tickets to anyone who was interested in describing a monster (well, I’m pretty certain the tickets were mostly given to children, as it should be). Then she would call out a number on the ticket and the person in possession of that ticket would come up and describe a monster for the artists to draw. The artists had about two minutes to draw the monster, switching artists after one minute. After the drawings were complete, the child who had described the monster was asked to pick the winner and then given the artwork.

To begin, Robin described a monster for the artists to draw as she passed out the tickets. The first description was: shaped like a ball, has spikes, and drinks tea. The teams drew quickly on large easels and the results were quite adorable. I knew at this point that this was going to be a highlight of my weekend.


Spikey Ball Tea Drinking Monsters!

The first child to describe a monster described a flying, demonic farm animal. The monsters that ensued were varying whimsically demonic, farm animals including a



chicken, a cow and a pig. Going down the line the artists named their creations: Chickosaur, Bessie and Luci respectively.  The child chose Chickosaur as the winner.


The panel continued in its format for the rest of the time with each child describing a monster. This included a very shy young man who, in my opinion, described one of the coolest monsters: a giant robot scorpion in the desert, with laser claws and a sword tail.The interaction made for such a charming and fun panel. This is truly a great panel for families to attend together. Even not getting to describe a monster is fun; the packed audience kept roaring with laughter with every finished creation. My


Final Robot Scorpion Monsters

understanding is that Oni hosts these events at multiple conventions with different artists; I encourage you to go check it out, especially if you have younger children.


We would really like to thank everyone at Oni Press for the opportunity to cover their event, especially Rachel Reed and Robin Herrera. And also a special thanks to our friend Greg Smith.


article by Kelly Okler

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