Welcome aboard Chad McClain

 Looking back on my life I can honestly say if not for comics and video games I truly don’t think I’d be who I am today. I know that might sound crazy or even outrageous. Truth be told my child hood was not the greatest, not to say that others have not had it worse. As a child I remember being an outcast, never having a whole lot of friends. My family was not the ideal family. In fact it was until I got older I realized it was uncommon for families to deal with drugs, alcohol, and violence. I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to video games. You see I was not accustomed to a lifestyle of comics and video games. My cousin had gotten a Super Nintendo with a couple of games. If I remember correctly she had the Lion king, Legend of Zelda and I believe star wars. The moment I sat down clenching that controller, staring at the television as if I was watching a magic show, with pupils the size of moons and a grin like the Cheshire cat. Imagine the reaction I had when she pushed power on!

Playing video games was never enough. I could play and play but my thirst was never fully quenched. You see I put myself into these games, I found myself lost in my own imagination. It was as though the moment I turned that system on my mind was transported into whatever world I wanted, no more stress or worries just pure ecstasy. Not much later I had gone to a friends house and seen his brothers comic collection and he let me borrow one. I’ll never forget how excited I was to read The Amazing spider-man. I knew of super heroes as a kid but that was the extent of it. Once I started a collection of my own comics I was not as afraid of going home.

When I would arrive from school to find my parents intoxicated and screaming I was not as scared of the outcome of their drunken rage. Even though I knew their rage would come out sooner or later and I would be their punching bag, I wouldn’t be alone after they left me there feeling broken. I would pick up a comic and see how Peter Parker went through a rough life,losing his parents and being an outcast. I felt as if though there was hope for a kid like me. Maybe one day I would be important to someone like Peter Parker.

Comics and Video games were MY utopia they were MY escape from the dreadful world I was raised in. They are the reason I am standing here today. They are the reason I haven’t checked out yet. I look back at the hard times I have had and no matter how many friends I have lost or how many times my parents put me down. People seem to always walk out on me and my comics and video games were always my way to escape those hard times.

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