The chore list vs the two year old

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Friday, December 20th of 2013 started out like any day off for me.I had a large list of chores to do while watching my daughter Kate.The main task for the day was cleaning. I got about two hours in to scrubbing down my house. Funny how you don’t realize how gross your house is until you start to clean it.After the bathroom and living room I finally ended up in the kitchen. I had timed things so that I would finish the kitchen just in time to make lunch. Putting the last dish in the drainer I looked up to see my daughter counting my wife’s prenatal vitamins.

I ran over to check out the situation. It didn’t appear that she had eaten any but I wasn’t taking any chances. The child got scooped up and we headed to the emergency room at St. Peter hospital.I was in shock at this point so I hadn’t really started to freak out yet. The hospital staff were all calm and polite, I think that helped me at the time.Of course every single person in that hospital had to comment on how cute she was. We got set up in our own room and the waiting game began.

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After filling out paperwork and describing what had happened, I noticed a familiar smell. Being in a rush for the emergency room we didn’t take the diaper bag. Thankfully the hospital had the necessary
supplies so Kate didn’t have to sit in a dirty diaper for hours.The doctor wanted to know how many pills were in the bottle, which I also forgot to bring. My best friend Allen was free and able to swing by my house to pick it up.In the mean time they X-rayed Kate’s stomach since prenatal vitamins are high in iron and they would show up in a scan. They then explained that only two pills would be fatal to a child of her size.

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This was when I lost my shit. I just held my daughter and prayed that she didn’t eat any.I remember looking at her wrapped up in a hospital blanket, thinking it was the saddest thing I had ever seen. The scan came back clean so they did some blood work next. Allen showed up and like a true friend hung out with me for hours at a boring hospital. The blood work came back and we were free to go just after my wife arrived after getting off of work

We had spent five hours total in the hospital. Lunch was missed, as was Kate’s nap time. Kate was a little trooper the entire time. My reward for not having a meltdown was Big Tom’s Burgers for dinner. I definitely held my daughter tighter that day than I ever had before or since. I was so exhausted for the ordeal that I went to bed at 8:30p that night. My house was not spotless when my father in law arrived a few days later, the world continued to turn.

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