Death of a playstation


On september 1st of 2012 I received a distressing call from my wife informing me that my baby had died. Not my actual child mind you, my playstation 3. Was she sure ? Did it make a noise, a smell, were lights flashing ? When I got off of work I saw the tragic truth for myself. My beloved gaming system had red lighted, a condition I didn’t know even existed until it happened to me.Now had this happened a few years ago it wouldn’t have been nearly as tragic. Sure, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend a few hundred dollars on a new system but now it would be impossible.


So what happened ? My daughter happened. My favorite person in the whole wide world is very expensive.Of course I wouldn’t change my life for the world but with a dead ps3 I was facing a conundrum. Since I didn’t have the money to repair my system until tax return season I had to *shudder* play that darn xbox collecting dust in the corner. No disrespect meant to the Microsoft crowd, I’m just an avid rpg fan.I got by playing fallout 3 and lost odyssey until I was able to get my ps3 repaired. I had the fully backwards compatible model and was very glad to have it back. After several month my ps3 died, this time for good.


After a brief period attempting to game on my laptop I had almost given up. Trying to game on my old busted computer was like expecting a first grader to teach advanced physics.I eventually traded some music equipment I no longer used to a friend for his ps3.My routine now has been the same for the last couple of years. I’ve got from 1-3pm to play video games. This is assuming the child takes a full nap and I’m not at work. Yes I could play around my kid but I like being a good parent.When I’m hanging out with my kid we play together, read books, go for walks. My game time is my little daddy break.


In my twenties I could live on top ramen and Mountain Dew and buy whatever I wanted given enough time. My first apartment had no furniture, I didn’t even have a bed. I did however have every cd, dvd, and video game I wanted. I can laugh about how crazy my priorities were then but as I mentioned before, I’m glad I got it out of my system. I tend to go for games like fallout, skyrim, and batman: arkham city now. Money is much tighter so i need maximum bang for the buck. Since new games cost $60 I wait for them on the used market. This puts me amazingly behind but I’m 33 years old now and I don’t give a shit if some kid things I’m lame for not beating arkham origins yet.

Kate loves playing with my game controllers but she hasn’t played any video games yet. I want to hold off on the games for a while yet. Another reason I don’t play around her is that your kids want to emulate what you do. I obviously don’t have a problem with video games but I’m old school. My parents raised us to go outside and play as often as possible. I’m raising my kid the same way. Also as the pictures can attest, my kid hasn’t quite figured out this gaming thing.


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