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Children change everything. I was 30 years old when my daughter Kaitlyn was born. For the life of me I honestly don’t remember what life was like before that day at St Peter’s Hospital.Suddenly my life had a laser focus. Protect the child, teach the child, raise the child right. I’m glad I spent my twenties being selfish because those days were clearly over. My life boss for the last two plus years has been a tiny blond with big blue eyes.

I was a care provider for adults with developmental disabilities for thirteen years. Half of that time was spent in a management capacity. I was very good and my job and I enjoyed it. The problem with that line of work is they expect you to live for the job. I was constantly on call, getting woken up in the middle of the night for various emergencies. This of course woke up my wife and newborn baby every time. It was also expected that I covered any open shift in the schedule. Turnover in the field is very high so I covered quite often.


We found an awesome daycare for the child so I could continue working my old job. I started working at Olympic Cards and Comics as a second job to help pay the bills that were suddenly pilling up. Apparently children are expensive. I have been a fan of comic books since the age of five but never thought to apply when I had seen previous openings. In my youth I thought if I worked at a place I loved to shop at it would kill my desire to spend time there. Working at OCC ended up being one of the smarter moves I’ve made in my life. Despite my severe lack of retail experience I excelled at the job and ended up loving it very much. For about nine months I worked at both jobs.In hindsight I’m not sure how I didn’t have some kind of mental breakdown working that much.

Seeing as the hours at OCC were more flexible and I didn’t have to be on call, I made the switch to working solely at the shop.I now stay at home with my daughter during the day and work evenings most days.We spend the days together reading, going to the park, going for walks, and watching cartoons. Kaitlyn is into my little pony, Wonder Woman, and the hulk.I make sure to take Kate in to visit the shop on my time off. Kate knows everyone by name, even when she is too shy to say them. Everyone there treats her like family and always makes time to say hello and give a hug or high five.


When Kelly and Alison approached me about doing Out of the Fridge I knew what my perspective would be. I’m the geeky father trying to reconcile my hobbies and my family life.I’ll break down how and what I’ve had to change in future installments of my blog.For now I can say that my spending habit has certainly been curtailed. We have a safe word at the shop, potato sack, that my boss or coworkers yell out when I start eying the merchandise. I can say honestly that I wouldn’t change my life now for anything. It certainly is different but, well kids change everything.































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